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Sum Points

Sum Points

Date added: 2015-05-29
plays 3.383
0.0 / 10
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Use the mouse for basic control
Tap spacebar, key Z to cancel the last move, key R or Enter or arrow key to restart the game
Press key F1 to view help, key Esc to return to menu, key M for music, key S to mute the sound
Tap key L or arrow key to choose level, / arrow keys for previous or next level.


Sum Points unblocked is a logical Puzzle game that can examine your math abilities. Don’t miss this game if you want to check out how professional your skills are! The game offers up to 41 stages to explore, so you can prolong your game to test your brain. The goal of this game is to set the target tiles down to zero by laying the other tiles into the right spots. Bear in mind that the blue circles will reduce in a diagonal direction, and for the red squares, they will diminish the value in horizontal and vertical directions. You are supposed to brainstorm quickly and cleverly to accomplish the levels. Ok guys, it’s time to show off your math skills in this game at!

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