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Awesome Run

Awesome Run

Date added: 2015-05-12
plays 3.527
8.0 / 10
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Use key W, S or / arrow keys to swap the lanes
Press key J, Z for jumping. Key K, X to use energy drink. Key L, C for kicking


Awesome Run unblocked is an extraordinary Sports game that sets you in a world running competition. Demonstrate your professional skills with this game and see if you can become an ultimate champion or not! Hey dudes, you will customize your player with the best-looking ever then head out for the exciting race against other players. During the competition, you need to pick up useful items to boost your strength, dodge the harassing of the rivals, try to jump over the obstacles that get in your way. Don’t forget to purchase new awesome sneakers for your player. Get ready for this world championship? Enjoy it at now!

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