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The Last Stand Union City

The Last Stand Union City

Date added: 2015-05-08
plays 3.989
8.0 / 10
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Use key W, A, S D for the movement, use the mouse to aim and shoot
Press key E to enable, interact with people and objects in the game. Tap key R to reload, key F to use flashlight, key G to give items or help
Tap key Q to change weapons, key Shift to run


The Last Stand Union City unblocked is a bloody Adventure game where hordes of the soulless corpses are coming to attack you. Are you scared of zombies? Do you want to survive in this gory mess? Explore it now, guys! Your basic mission is to rescue your relative, try to search her through various buildings. Pick up your weapons, food for your accumulation. Try to aim and shoot down all the incoming zombies, blast your way through this Union City to complete each given mission in the game. Select your favorite game mode before entering this deadly hell. Click to explore this terrific zombie game at now!

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